The Ultimate Storyteller Contest

Share Your Experiences. Inspire Others. Be Recognised.

Do you have life experience but no platform?

  • Are you afraid how others will judge your experiences?
  • Do you worry that your story is not worthy to be told?
  • Do you fear criticism of your story?
  • Are you concerned what telling your story will do to your image
  • Does your story misrepresent you
  • Do you feel unrecognised?

Learn storytelling as a skill

Storytelling is a skill that can be learned. Our Storyshop will teach you what you need to know about storytelling so you can confidently and skillfully own your narrative.

Win R5 000 and be recognized

You have unique experiences that the world has been waiting to learn from. Its time you were recognised for it.

Connect and inspire others

Telling your story helps connect you with millions of others that are going through what you have lived through. They need your words to live through it too.
I think the best way to truly connect with someone on an authentic level is to immerse yourself in their stories... I found myself laughing hysterically and emotionally moved by stories told. Best experience ever!!!!
Bernice Refiloe Bouwer
Guest Storyteller

What Makes the Ultimate Storyteller contest so different?

The ultimate storyteller contest challenges you to become a confident inspiring storyteller that helps others learn from your experiences. Thousands of speakers are already earning an income through storytelling, and now you can too. But, how do you learn and master this skill? We will teach you, at a live storytelling workshop or the shorter online version

“You will laugh, cry, get mad, feel nervous and everything in between. More than storytelling, this has become a safe space for people to be open and vulnerable about their lives and I think that’s awesome.” – Selinah Seipei, Guest Storyteller

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