On the 21st of March 2019, Cyclone Idai ravaged Mozambique and particularly the town of Beira. This cyclone is estimated to have taken up to 1000 lives. For the survivors, the journey had just begun.

We decided to help by putting together CARE PACKS consisting of food, clothes, and supplies for 100 families that have been affected by this disaster. Our goal was to deliver these CARE PACKS 6 days later on Friday the 29th of March 2019.

The CARE PACK consisted of Non-Perishable Food Items, Hygiene Items, Clothing and Communication, and Mobility items. These items would allow survivors to live through the infrastructure rebuilding period, search for lost loved ones and eventually restart their lives. We called on South Africa to help and the response was nearly overwhelming.

The project led to the team delivering 30 tonnes of provisions over two trips to Beira, inspiring other good samaritans to follow suit, delivering a further 20 tonnes of aid. A decision was taken not to dismantle the train. instead, the Midnight Train was converted into a citizen-led aid organization that specifically prioritizes African Aid responses.

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