Conventional wisdom says: I am an African; I do not need anymore authentic African experiences than that.

Malawi as a whole disagrees, it has taught me that you are not really African until you have greeted your neighbors and taken the time to listen to their stories.

Something strange happens when you become curious about someone else’s life:

First, a sense of wonder washes over you as you see an old world with new eyes. Then a sense of helplessness grips you as you empathize with their pain. Then a hopelessness paralyzes you as you grasp the magnitude of the task ahead.

But then, there is a moment early in the morning, where at the first light the world stirs and shrugs the sleep from its eyes.

The moment where on cue; the waves wave and birds sing, the leaves sway in the gentle wind and light dances over all of Africa.

The moment when yesterday has passed and tomorrow is today.

The moment where the world waits patiently for you to wake up and finally become today who you promised to be yesterday. A victor.

Africa is pregnant with opportunity my friends, and we are not victims, we are the victors.

Screw conventional wisdom! Pack a bag, stamp your passport, go listen to your neighbors,

Don’t come back until you know who you are.
#ThisIsAfrica and Africa is for Victors.

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