eBhayi, Die Baai, The Bay, Port Elizabeth. This windy city established in 1820 is home to 1.2 million people and is a major South African seaport.

Hadithi Ya Port Elizabeth hosts a carefully curated set of true pan African lived experiences designed to transport you. These stories are selected for their ability to entertain while giving you insight into a world you have not ventured into before. 

The hub is housed at the artEC, an art gallery that prides itself on promoting local artists. The walls are adorned with the genius and ever changing exhibitions of young artists.

In each installment of this premier lived experience storytelling event; Our storytellers delve deep into the stories of Africa told by ordinary people in the pursuit of our vision to nurture pan-continental tolerance and understanding.

Come and see us the next time you are in town. Tickets available below.

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