Long before you physically harm someone, you have done it over and over again mentally, before you muster the guts to actually do it.

As Hadithi ya Africa we have noted the developments in South Africa ;

The physical attacks against migrants from African countries and the resurgence of media reports on the killing of women.

The criminal looting and attack on our African brothers and sisters sows discord and dilutes foundations of the relationships with people who on ordinary days are colleagues, classmates, neighbours, friend, caregivers of our children, abomkhaya (and much more).

The violence perpetrated against fellow Africans is also enacted on our women and children on a daily basis. Uyinene Mrwetyana is not the first woman to be subjected to such abhorrent and mindless act of violence, and will not be the last if we do not act. The violent characteristics of our society and lack of love for fellow humans is continuously exhibited and enacted in various acts of criminality (xenophobic attacks, rape, sexual assault, child rape, domestic violence, murder, farm murders, hijackings, home invasions) which affects each and every single one of us who reside in this country.

All of this takes us further from building the Africa and South Africa that we as Africans envision for ourselves and generations that will come after us. Hadithi ya Africa still implores on Ubuntu, Harambee, Unibufu, Nkabom- the African spirit of togetherness, oneness and caring for your fellow child, woman, man, any sentient being and respect for the environment and world we live in. The tomorrow that we seek is built TODAY. As Hadithi ya Africa, we are our sisters and brother keepers despite gender, nationality, race, creed or sexual orientation.

But, What can you do as a law-abiding citizen in response to the social issues that have gripped our nation?

  • Do not circulate various forms of hateful voice notes, images or messages on social media that seek to sow further discord. This is not an “us against them situation”. A criminal who perpetrates crime whether from South Africa or any other country is still just that, a criminal.
  • Mind your language: B#tch , Sf$be, k*ffir, kw$rekw$re, m@ffie, in your mind today is a seed to enact hatred tomorrow.
  • On the 8th May we had the general elections to elect a president and the ruling party, let us hold the elected leaders to account. Email them, tweet and tag them, go camp outside their office, throw dog poo at them if you have to. Let them know we are displeased.
  • Send us your suggestion…We can mobilise (remember Cycle Idai & Midnight Train to Beria)

Historically Africa was divided and conquered. Today, as Africans, we make of our surroundings, country, and continent what we want it to become.

Hadithi ya Africa initiates and promotes projects that uphold a positive self-image of Africans and fosters a sense of African unity.