When thinking of countries with the longest coastline in Africa, it is easy to miss Madagascar because it is an island. According to a variety of sources, including World Atlas, Madagascar with a coastline of 4,828 km sits at the top of the list of the countries with the longest coastline in Africa.

Yes, Madagascar has an advantage over other countries with coastlines. Madagascar is an island, a big island. This means that the country is completely surrounded by water and so by default, it enjoys an extensive coastline.

Madagascar covers an area of 587,040 km2 making it the fourth biggest island in the world. Just to give you some context at how big an island Madagascar is, the entire United Kingdom covers an area of 242,495 km2, which means it can fit snuggly inside Madagascar and still leave space for Lesotho, Switzerland, and New Zealand to all snuggle in. That is big.

With increasing, globalization coastlines have become even more important for countries, they can provide a country with a huge strategic advantage in the form of ports which play a major role in global trade and economic development. As such, the countries with vast coastlines count themselves lucky while the land-locked countries walk the sensitive diplomatic line to ensure they make and keep friends with coastline countries so that they gain port access.

So the big question is, which country in mainland Africa has the longest coastline? Could you guess it just by looking at the African map? Here is the top 10 list…

Top 10 Countries With Longest Coastline In Africa

RankCountryLength (km)
3South Africa2,798

Source World Atlas

Were there any surprises for you on this list? Do you think it is fair to add an island on this list? , Which countries on the list use their costal advantage well? Leave us your thoughts below.

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