Storytelling Hubs

Storytelling events take place in Hubs which are independent branches of Hadithi ya Africa led and operated by a local team and specifically designed for its local community.

If you cannot find a hub close to you, why not start one?
Our central team will help and support you every step of the way.

Email us on for more details.

What makes Ethiopian food so special

The flavors put on an impressive show in my mouth as the slightly sour injera playfully teased the sides of my tongue while the soft texture of steak parted like the red sea in my mouth. I reached for the grilled meat and let out a low moan as the freshly grilled flavour of beef reminded me of every barbecue I have ever been to in my life.

10 tips to tell your story like a pro

We at Hadithi ya Africa are often asked how we get very new storytellers to deliver such beautifully told stories during our live events. So we decided to share some of the pointers that we teach our storytellers at the storytelling workshop that we call StoryShop©. Apply a few of these the next time you are asked to share a story and see the difference. Be yourself – it sounds obvious, but it is surprising how people accidentally take on… Read More »10 tips to tell your story like a pro

Hadithi ya Port Elizabeth

eBhayi, Die Baai, The Bay, Port Elizabeth. This windy city established in 1820 is home to 1.2 million people and is a major South African seaport. Hadithi Ya Port Elizabeth hosts a carefully curated set of true pan African lived experiences designed to transport you. These stories are selected for their ability to entertain while giving you insight into a world you have not ventured into before.  The hub is housed at the artEC, an art gallery that prides itself on… Read More »Hadithi ya Port Elizabeth

Hadithi ya Johannesburg

The hub is housed in Braamfontein at the Bannister Hotel. A few steps below the restaurant you are transported into a New York styled basement where the dimly lit room, stage, and spotlight invites you to sit down lean forward and be transported through the stories of Africa.