Club 54 – Travelling Club

Africa is a vast and highly diverse continent full of fascinating cultures, dramatic scenery, and extraordinary animals, Africa offers some of the most amazing travel experiences in the world. Yet every time most Africans think of travel, they think Europe, America, and Asia. We want to change this.

Hadithi ya Africa organizes low cost, rich experience urban adventures to various African countries specifically for Africans. Yes, we are selling Africa to Africans because if we don’t buy into Africa, how can we expect anyone else to?

MALAWI: Pack a bag, stamp your passport

Conventional wisdom says: I am an African; I do not need anymore authentic African experiences than that. Malawi as a whole disagrees, it has taught me that you are not really African until you have greeted your neighbors and taken the time to listen to their stories. Something strange happens when you become curious about someone else’s life: First, a sense of wonder washes over you as you see an old world with new eyes. Then a sense of helplessness grips… Read More »MALAWI: Pack a bag, stamp your passport

UGANDA: The Coriolis Effect HOAX, or NOT

One of my biggest bucket list items is to see the Coriolis effect at the equator. Uganda lies on an equator so I was excited to be traveling there and having the opportunity to see this effect in person. Until I googled it that is and discovered that my favored bucket list item could be a hoax. To understand why I first need to explain what the Coriolis effect is. What is the Coriolis effect  When a mass rotates, there… Read More »UGANDA: The Coriolis Effect HOAX, or NOT

UGANDA: This is why you travel light

Conventional wisdom says: when backpacking; travel light. After the ordeal of losing their backpacks, our travel companions @Xolile, @Marcus, and @Busi totally agree. When boarding an international flight, your luggage is weighed, measured and its destiny decided. If you don’t watch how much you pack you get the pleasure of watching your bags tagged, wrapped and ushered away from you with the promise that you will be reunited 4,000 kilometers and 24 hours later. From that point on, you and… Read More »UGANDA: This is why you travel light