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What makes Ethiopian food so special

The flavors put on an impressive show in my mouth as the slightly sour injera playfully teased the sides of my tongue while the soft texture of steak parted like the red sea in my mouth. I reached for the grilled meat and let out a low moan as the freshly grilled flavour of beef reminded me of every…



55 countries in the African continent will be featured on all our social media platforms over a period of 52 weeks.

Each week a country will be picked. Storytellers, photographers, musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs from that country are invited to share their art, stories & African experiences with us.

Seychelles tops Africa

Not all passports are equal, some are more equal than others 🙂

Consider the conflict caused by the confluence of the Nile

The Nile is the longest river in Africa which provides and supports life in many African countries to the extent that entire economies depend on it. What happens when that water supply is threatened?

Can you guess the longest coastline in Africa?

In regards to African countries, 70% of them have coastlines that have not been well exploited. The coastlines can be an essential tool for enhancing social and economic stability.

These African Countries changed their Capital Cities

Independence of African Nations came with a great deal of change, arguably the biggest change would be to move the entire capital city to a new location.

Ethiopia now third in the list of 10 busiest airports in Africa after passing Dubai as African feeder

Without googling, guess how many passengers OR Tambo processed last year