I am an African in love with Africa. I love her contours, her dark complexion and the fullness of her riches. I love her people, their customs, and colours, their diversity and resilience. I am obsessed with her stories and those of her people. I am an African in love with Africa.

What makes Ethiopian food so special

The flavors put on an impressive show in my mouth as the slightly sour injera playfully teased the sides of my tongue while the soft texture of steak parted like the red sea in my mouth. I reached for the grilled meat and let out a low moan as the freshly grilled flavour of beef reminded me of every barbecue I have ever been to in my life.

10 tips to tell your story like a pro

We at Hadithi ya Africa are often asked how we get very new storytellers to deliver such beautifully told stories during our live events. So we decided to share some of the pointers that we teach our storytellers at the storytelling workshop that we call StoryShop©. Apply a few of these the next time you are asked to share a story and see the difference. Be yourself – it sounds obvious, but it is surprising how people accidentally take on… Read More »10 tips to tell your story like a pro

Swipe right, something’s missing… she’s missing

Have you ever met someone that you felt was perfect, only to have a growing sense that there is something missing from your relationship? Do you go find it? Do you live without it? In this swipe right story, Thandwefika tells us of the time he had the perfect tinder match. The world needs your story too, let us know when you are ready to share it. We will provide you with training and rehearsal time so you can tell… Read More »Swipe right, something’s missing… she’s missing

A Long Journey to Forgiveness

Sometimes you find “The One”. Sometimes you trip, stumble and fall so deep in love that you put up walls and create a haven where only the two of you exist in a warm sea of love. What happens when that sea of love grows turbulent with violent waves. What happens when the walls of the haven become a prison you cannot easily leave. How do you even forgive that once fell with you but is now against you? In… Read More »A Long Journey to Forgiveness

Midnight Train to Nhanhemba

Post-Cyclone Rebuilding in Mozambique, 40 Days & 40 Nights, Phase 2 of the ‘Midnight Train to Beira’ Imagine living in a village on the banks of a river. The cyclone makes landfall, and then suddenly the river swells and the water pours in, collapsing your home, your food sources and your top soil. You and your neighbors are left with nothing but your stories… WHO ARE WE In March and April 2019, Cyclones Idai and Kenneth devastated large swaths of… Read More »Midnight Train to Nhanhemba

The Midnight Train to Beira

On the 21st of March 2019, Cyclone Idai ravaged Mozambique and particularly the town of Beira. This cyclone is estimated to have taken up to 1000 lives. For the survivors, the journey had just begun. We decided to help by putting together CARE PACKS consisting of food, clothes, and supplies for 100 families that have been affected by this disaster. Our goal was to deliver these CARE PACKS 6 days later on Friday the 29th of March 2019. The CARE… Read More »The Midnight Train to Beira