What is Hadithi ya Africa

Hadithi ya Africa borrows its name from the language of kiSwahili, (the most widely spoken indigenous language in Africa) and means “The story of Africa”.

As an NPO, Our vision is to create a positive African self-image by encouraging Africans to understand each other. We do this through three avenues Storytelling, inter Africa travel and African Restoration Projects.

Storytelling Hubs – Hadithi ya Africa creates a safe space for communities to tell their stories and lived experiences openly for the entertainment and education of the collective.

Through music driven storytelling, social issues such as racism, sexism, domestic violence, alcoholism, xenophobia, LGBTI* are shared and discussed leading to increased tolerance and understanding within and between our communities.

Hadithi ya Africa operates live events in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and eMalahleni with the intention of establishing a storytelling hub in every city in Africa.

A storyteller sharing their story

Inter Africa Travel – Africa offers some of the most amazing travel experiences in the world. Yet every time Africans think of travel, they think Europe, America, and Asia.

Our mission at Hadithi ya Africa is to change this by organizing cost-effective, rich experience city adventures to various African countries specifically for Africans. Yes, we are selling Africa to Africans because if we don’t buy into Africa, how can we expect anyone else to?

Club 54 members riding a Boda Boda in Malawi

African Restoration Projects – Ubuntu, Harambee, Unibufu, Nkabom… All these words evoke that African spirit of togetherness, oneness and caring for your fellow man. That is why Hadithi ya Africa initiates, promotes and funds community-led projects that promote a positive self-image of Africans and fosters a sense of African unity.

A community member’s call to arms in support of building a school in Nhenhemba